“Whatever the event might be,
Matt has the ability to stir the heart.”

Concert Events

“Whatever the event might be, Matt has the ability to stir the heart. Whether through his, his music, his drama or his speaking, he will not only engage and entertain an audience, he will minister to them in a very impacting way. Matt cleverly weaves life’s issues and his own testimony in a web of imagination and melody. His unassuming “boy next door” presence puts people at ease as he invites them along on a journey using his talents and God’s Word as the vehicle.“


With the simplicity of a piano and a guitar, Matt has been blessing people with his songs for close to 20 years. “He has a gift of taking truths from God’s Word and weaving them cleverly into melodies which forces people to look at them from a different perspective.“ In addition, Matt’s recordings have touched peoples lives all over the world.

Worship Leader

When it comes to leading people before the throne Matt’s desire is to


“With taking newer choruses, old hymns, and even some of his own songs, he offers a worship experience that will leave your focus on God and not on him.“


For as long as he can remember, Matt has been drawn to the power of theatrical and film arts which led him to pursue a degree in Communications/Theater. He executes in concert through small vignettes that are both humorous and moving and through his writing and directing the annual Dinner Theatre presentations at Camp Forest Springs.


Matt has a passion for communicating God’s Word.  With his involvement with Forest Springs camps and conferences he has had multiple opportunities to minister to

all ages

spanning elementary school to senior citizens. 

Matt’s Testimony

Matt was raised in a Christian home and was young when he first called on Jesus to be his Savior.  As he grew, he was greatly impacted spiritually through his involvement with his local church and his yearly attendance at Camp Forest Springs. Tragedy struck his life when, just a week after his high school graduation, he heard the sad news that his father had been killed in a tragic cabin fire.  Through personal battles to make sense of it all,  he grew to gain a greater appreciation for the foundation he had in God.  Matt’s involvement with the ministry of Camp Forest Springs has had a profound effect on him these last 20 years and he feels privileged to be continually used by God during these pivotal of times. He reflects back to the moment where he decided to surrender his life to God.  While referencing the exact picnic table to where it happened he says,  “I sat there..knowing that I was a failure ...but also knowing that that I had a compassionate, heavenly ABBA Father who not only made me for a specific purpose but that He also desired to know me and be known by me in a personal way.  It was in this knowing that I decided to dedicate my entire life to Him for His service.  Scripture says that He chooses the weak, foolish and despised things of this world for His purposes.  That picnic table moment was the first time I began to realize and admit that I was one of those things..that I fit the criteria!  I also knew that He was capable of taking me just as I was and equipping me to do His work. “

Matt, his wife Tarah, and their four children live in Rib Lake, WI not far from Camp Forest Springs. However, Matt’s role allows him to travel and share his ministry abroad as well.  His personal history allows him to share with people at all different ages and levels.  “It’s amazing how many people, no matter what age they are at, still feel like lost children inside, carrying wounds from the past.“  Matt expresses his desire in that he wants to ...“share the clarity of God’s heart through the honesty of his hoping to give positive proof that Jesus Christ can bring healing and purpose.“ 
Above all, Matt wants to see people taste God’s glory through his ministry.  “When an individual expresses something that has happened inside of them in such a way that the only answer is God…the honor I feel is that He allowed me to play a part in it.“

Matt Hoffland


“I loved his attitude, spirit, love for God, and musical talents. God used Matt to give my students a vision for how big and great the God we serve is. Matt has a gift to truly lead you in worshiping the God of the universe. Not many people have that gift!”

Ray Green
Youth Pastor
Spring Creek Church, Milwaukee, WI

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